Every day use of hot tools, over-processing, and even environmental factors can all cause damage to your hair. Rejuvenate your tresses with one of our healing treatments. We offer a variety of high-quality services to accommodate the needs of all hair types and client concerns. After just one application, you will be able to see and feel the difference.

Treatment Services Starting at...
Blonde Idol Mask$13
Chemistry Shot$22
Colour Fanatic Mask$19
Curl Dive Treatment$13
Curvaceous Mask$13
Diamond Oil Mask$13
Extreme Mask$13
Frizz Dismiss Mask$13
Heavy Cream Mask$13
Hydrate Masque$19
Intense Treatment$13
Magnetics Mask$13
Moisture Melt Masque$19
Nano Works Hair Masque$22
Olaplex Treatment$35
Perfect 4 Platinum Mask$19
Per-Art Treatment$19
Precious Oil Masque$19
Real Control Mask$13
Regular Treatment$7
Steam Infusion Treatment$16
Strength Cure Masque$19
Super Smooth Masque$19